Who's behind this scene?


It all started when...


Rebecca first moved to Los Angeles in 1991. Getting her first job as a front desk greeter at an all Women's gym in Studio City, introduced her to health, fitness and wellness as she spent days at the gym taking classes and learning about weight training and getting plenty of massages. Her interest in teaching and helping women feel good in their bodies grew quickly and soon after starting her work there she went on to get certified as a personal trainer. Two years later her interest moved toward the healing art of massage. Rebecca attended the Institute of Psycho-Structural balancing and became a certified and licensed Massage Therapist. Different types of massage now had Rebecca's curiosity so she went on to study Kinesiology and went to China to study Tui Na Sports Massage at the Olympic training center. Upon returning from China, a friend introduced Rebecca to Yoga, Spinning and Pilates. We could say these were the Certification Obsessed years.

After completing her first yoga teacher training, much like her other interests, Rebecca went on to study various styles of yoga and meditation.

Rebecca always dreamed of having her own unique and private space to open to the public and share all of her experience. She married in to the wildly successful City Yoga and finally had a place to freely create and teach.

After a divorce and selling of City Yoga to; YogaWorks, Rebecca continued to teach yoga at the two locations formerly known as City Yoga.

In divine timing and still having the dream of having a specific kind of space on her mind. Rebecca and Natalie Kiwi, creator of Soul Hum Space, met at time that some changes needed to happen for both of them.

Rebecca is beyond thrilled and elated to be offering and holding space for the community that she has created for over 25 years.