Dev LArks

Dev Larks is a registered nurse with a Masters in Nursing from UCLA, a licensed public health nurse by the State of California, and a DONA international trained doula. Throughout her time working in hospitals in various fields of medicine she saw first hand the ways her patients could be better supported in times of life's greatest joys and sorrows. Bringing to her nursing experience a lifelong interest in pregnancy, birth, and early childhood, Dev is integrating her expertise and interests in her development as a doula offering a unique sensitivity and insight to women in both the prenatal and postpartum phases. As a mother of two wonderful daughters—who have taught her so much about patience, listening, loving, and nurturing—she has been supported by and has supported countless mothers around her. Through attachment parenting workshops, La Leche League support networks, and peer counseling support groups for parents, she has honed her passion for empowering new and seasoned moms. She is eager to be part of women's lives in this moment of powerful transformation!

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Carmen Guerrero

Empowering each yogi’s authentic self, this is Carmen Guerrero Falcon’s ultimate mission as a yoga facilitator. “I started teaching because I wanted to practice all day long and feel that ease, softness, contentment and release. Yoga is more than a break in your day, it’s a way to cultivate space between perception and thought, to bring precision to your life experience.” A passionate student of Jasmine Lieb and Jeanne Heilman, Carmen seeks to nurture an increased understanding of movement, a sparkle of awareness in each student’s eyes, and the potential for rejuvenation of both body and mind. “Yoga brings a greater sense of oneness and that everything is connected, prettier, more radiant,” she says. “Yoga helps me feel more like me.”


Bahia Shortlidge

Bahia brings to her clients a knowledge and passion for bodywork that she earned through experiencing it herself personally. She was forever changed on the Big Island of Hawaii when she first experienced the transformational power of bodywork and she has been on a healing journey ever since. She has explored the worlds of yoga, reiki, buddhism, recovery, massage and craniosacral unwinding to name a few and is passionate about all things mind/body.
Her work is grounded in the belief that as we undertake the journey to become embodied, we simultaneously move in the direction of truth, self-expression, balance, love and learn what it is to be useful. Bahia is a California state Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) and continues to study with various teachers to continuously deepen her practice.


Dana Kraft

Dana’s approach to teaching stems from her belief that yoga is accessible to everyone. Her experience as a former high school teacher enables her to effectively work with students by differentiating between learning styles and using the one that is most applicable for that individual student.

Dana is known for her hands on approach and sheer enthusiasm and joy for the practice. Her personal style of teaching yoga draws attention to breath, alignment, and incorporates intelligent sequencing. She creates a safe space for her students where they can focus on cultivating courage and compassion from within, leading to clarity. Her students work to balance that fine line between ease and effort creating the endurance and fortitude they need to overcome the obstacles on and off the mat and enjoy a fulfilling life.

Dana has worked with high profile private clientele on both the east and west coast, ranging from various NBA and NFL teams; including the 2015 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors. She works with individual major league athletes, musicians, Broadway talent, top models, and film and television actors.

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Maud Nadler

I teach because I found the beauty of being present in my own yoga practice.   
I get to share the pure joy of practicing.   That simple word, practice.  Doing something consistently until it becomes natural. 
Connecting body to breath with a clear mind.   It's a life-long dedicated practice to yourself.  
I hope to pass that on.
Maud trained at City Yoga with Rebecca Benenati and continued to assist Rebecca in numerous teacher trainings,  
She's been teaching in Los Angeles since 2010.



Jen Smith

Jennifer Smith is a yoga teacher dedicated to teaching the Yogic Lifestyle through helping her students appreciate the process and not just the goal. Jennifer empowers her students on and off the mat with the message to never give up, but always let go. She teaches with a tangible energy and ingenuity that compels her students to trust the process and find the best in themselves. She firmly believes in using perseverance, honesty, and universal morality to help guide students to their path to true happiness. Jennifer’s approach to teaching has been formed by her deep interest in medicine. Graduating from monmouth university with concentrations in biology and psychology she realized that western medicine could only offer so much; she then became dedicated to finding other alternatives. She studied Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda in Rishikesh, India, then also concentrated on Ashtanga under Caroline Klebl. Her teaching style blends Yogic Therapy, with mindful sequencing and correct alignment while focusing on the breath to create a moving meditation. Her teaching and energy create a refuge for her students while pushing them to grow beyond their expectations. Her teaching styles include Hatha, Ashtanga, Children’s, Vinyasa Flow, Power, Restorative, Yin, meditation, and Pranayama with a touch of Reiki. With practice, we can shed the layers of our egos to let our true selves shine!



Juliet Guisasola

Juliet Guisasola is a dynamic and inspiring E-RYT 500 yoga teacher. Specializing in pre & postnatal, Yin, Hatha, & Vinyasa Flow and certified in mat pilates, barre, and sculpt. She is the founder and creator of The BEaUtiful Warriors: a preteen/teen yoga empowerment program, teaches family yoga, and truly believes yoga is for everyone of all ages. Be prepared to transform your body, mind, and life from the inside out.



Elizabeth Blanchard

I began my yoga journey in 1994 as a
way to recover from the wear and tear on my body I was incurring as a professional cheerleader with the Los Angeles Raiders. Coming from a fitness and dance background, the movement of the practice came naturally but it wasn’t until I started my own personal mediation practice that it started to “click.” Even though I have been teaching since 1999, I will forever be a student. When I teach, I believe strongly, that each person has a yoga journey for that moment. Explore that moment. Surrender to that moment. Even in those moments that might be emotionally uncomfortable… let go.


Sean Hanley

Sean has been a dedicated yoga student for nearly 20 years. Early in his practice  a four story fall resulting in  a severe back injury took him off the mat for almost a year. Despite multiple doctor recommendations for spinal  surgery Sean chose not to go under the knife  and returned to his mat to find true healing. That experience has compelled him to share this practice and it's benefits. Though he has practiced many styles  he prefers a strong challenging breath based practice to  help induce that deep mind body connection and that experience of true surrender. " If we don't push our limits, how do we know where they are, and how can we hope to push past them".  That said he likes to keep it simple yet challenging and teaches from the heart and from his own experience never trying to re-invent the wheel  but only share this ancient movement. Gratitude and intention are staples of his class along with vigorous movement and sweat, lots of sweat. If you want  to connect to that highest self within and feel empowered come take one of his classes.  



AJ Draven

Get Fit, Get Healthy, and Get Safe.  This is the motto of Krav Maga Master, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, and Hand-balancing Yogi A.J. Draven.  His passion is to evolve himself and his clients into the fittest, healthiest, and safest versions of themselves that they can imagine. 

Since 2000, A.J. has trained people all over the world as well as the Hollywood elite with his unique take on the combination of Krav Maga, HIIT training, and bodyweight movements, and core strengthening yoga.  

A few years ago, AJ created and launched a 6-week fitness challenge program with his brother, The 'Get Fit Challenge', for Project Level Up where he is now the acting CCO.  He has since worked with over 600 studios and 40,000 participants all over the world!  Focusing on getting into amazing shape and building healthy habits over a 6 week period, AJ works with Fitness, CrossFit, Yoga, and Martial Arts studios to help them cater to people of all shapes and sizes looking to build confidence, look great, feel strong, and be empowered.  

AJ has been featured on all of the major networks both coordinating and choreographing fight sequences or appearing as the go-to expert in self defense themed reality/docu-shows. He is often hired to train actors for roles requiring stunts/fighting skills, with the list including: Tomb Raider, Alias, Being Human, and The League.  He was one of the main motion capture actors in the blockbuster video game franchise Halo, and has been the lead role in 3 action feature films airing on Showtime, The Movie Channel, Netflix, and the SYFY channel.  He has also been hired as a print and fitness model for many athletic clothing brands including Nike, Vuori, Reef, and Onzie. 


Britt Logan

Britt aka "Fitbritt" is a professional personal trainer, dancer, and nutrition expert, not to mention mom of two. Originally from Miami, Florida, Britt started her career as a dancer at Miami Heat games, and choreographed for national dance competitions. Britt moved to LA in 2004 and expanded her skills set as a fitness instructor and personal trainer to the stars, and became extremely knowledgeable in nutrition, holistic healing, and weight loss, leading her to begin a small meal service she provides for new mamas.

After becoming a mother, Britt created a social media blog/youtube channel called "FITBRITT", where she incorporates her children in her fitness routine and is all about moms multitasking and being able to "FIT it in!". Britt is excited to be teaching "Chance to Dance" at Wellborn as its a merger of all things she loves: Health, Dance, and Empowering Yourself.


Marja Lankinen

Marja Lankinen is a yoga therapist, staff writer for LA Yoga Magazine, BreathWork meditation teacher, Reiki Master, and founder and CEO of Yoga for Dancers. Based in Los Angeles, Marja teaches weekly at 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures Studios, YogaWorks, Movement Lifestyle Dance Studio, Millennium Dance Complex, and Hot 8 Yoga. She also travels internationally and has guest taught for Coachella Music Festival (Indio), lululemon (Cannes, Zurich, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York), and for Gothenburg Opera Dance Company (Sweden), Complexions Contemporary Ballet summer intensive (USC Kaufman School of Dance), Hubbard Street Dance Chicago summer intensive (USC Kaufman School of Dance), Chapman University, UCLA, USC Trojan Force Dance Team, and The Pulse Dance Convention (Phoenix, Arizona). For continuing education, Marja shadows Karen Moran of Fusion Arts Physical Therapy and Paula Gelbart Sauer of Align Physical Therapy as she works toward application for a physical therapy PhD program. For more information, please visit


Grace Huang

My classes are designed with intention and intelligent sequencing, often incorporated with arm balances and inversions. My primary focus is on safety, alignment and breath and modifications are always encouraged so that classes are accessible to all students. I’ve had a dedicated practice for 15 years and have been teaching for 10 years. I believe that our practice can allow us to live a more conscious way of life that leads to more sustainable peace and joy.

*I am fluent in American Sign Language and encourage Deaf students to practice with me!


Alicia Chavez

Alicia is a Board Certified, Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Oriental Medicine Practitioner. After attending a Masters program at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica California, Alicia graduated with the highest honors Summa Cum Laude. 

Alicia’s experience comprises treating thousands of patients across a multitude of symptoms which include but are not limited to: athletic injuries of all kinds, general chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, allergies, fertility (men and women), digestive issues, weight loss, and assisting in ridding habits such as smoking.

Alicia believes in whole body care to help her patients unblock what is preventing them from healing and reaching their optimal state of health.

Her own personal experience with acupuncture gave her a profound love and passion to learn about Oriental Medicine.  Alicia’s ultimate goal is that her patient’s will experience improved well-being, mentally, physically and emotionally while also strengthening their immune system.