Family Yoga

The stress of everyday life can be overbearing and between work, school, sports, and everything else going on, its no wonder that a family can seem disconnected. Family Yoga at Wellborn Lifestyles is the perfect way to destress and reconnect with the ones you love. Take a break from the juggling act that is handling your everyday activities and use your time in a way that will reconnect your mind to your body, and yourself to your closest loved ones.

It is the intention of Wellborn Lifestyles to encourage and enhance enduring healthy lifestyle choices and habits, for the whole cummunity, especially our next generation of leaders in our communities. Through a family yoga class, your kids will experience the various benefits of yoga and meditation as well as create the basis of a life of good exercise habits. They will be moved toward a greater conciousness of their body and mind. A family yoga class at Wellborn will contain traditional yoga practice including poses and and breathing exercises. The end of the class will be reserved for meditation and relaxation in our luxurious meditation chairs. It is our job as adults to pass on the gift of yoga to the next generation! Book a family yoga class today!


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Family Size Price Price per Person





2 People $30

3 People $36

4 People $48

5+ People $55


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