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Let’s Talk About Sex…After Baby.

Join us for an evening of talking about the ins and outs (no pun intended) of postpartum sex. It can be challenging to talk about intimacy after baby and how to navigate these concerns with your partner. We will address the changes you go through – both emotionally and physically. You are not alone. Most women experience postpartum blues that can impact your desire and relationship with self and partner. We will provide tools for taking care of your body, how to feel good about yourself, and talking to your partner about sexual and intimate needs. We want to help you have open and honest conversations with your partner around sex. Intimacy starts with you! We will focus on how you can find pleasure, and pain-free play with a partner as you are coping with changes in libido and desire.

Topics will include:

-       What you need to know about postpartum hormones

-       Understanding sexual arousal and desire changes

-       Dealing with postpartum pain

-       Coping with body image issues

-       Tools for improving communication with your partner 


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