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Qi Gong Workshop with Matt Schwartz

This workshop is designed with these concepts in mind. As people in the modern world we have further separated from the balance of Yin and Yang. Through focused movement and breath we can reconnect to the source.

Qi Gong works directly with the “life force” in order to integrate the physical elements of the body, with the more subtle forces of nature. This is done through both external “qi gong” and internal “nei gong” processes. While qi gong works to bring qi into the body, nei gong works to move that energy in such a manner to create internal power and health. This unique blend of external and internal exercises creates a vortex of energy on all levels. Leaving the practitioner full of resources and energy. 

This workshop will present a unique set of exercises designed to develop one’s natural assets, by increasing the flow of qi/prana and opening the energetic pathways,  loosening joints, strengthening tendons & bone marrow, tonifing the internal organs, and focusing the mind.

$50 per person

OR CALL (818)853-BORN to RSVP