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Reiki Certification Training

LEARN AUTHENTIC JAPANESE REIKI FOR BODY AND MIND- You will experience Reiki in its original form. Jikiden Reiki is an authentic study of the practice and is for anyone wanting to learn Reiki or who may be presently using Reiki


Some of the things you will learn at this level: 

• The History of Japanese Usui Reiki- the journey from it's start to today both in Japan and in the Western world 

• Key Japanese Reiki Concepts 

• Gokai (principles of living to support health, wellbeing and personal growth) 

• Learn depth of understanding in the traditional Reiki Kanji 

• Receive 3 traditional Japanese Reiju (soul activations) 

• Understand what Reiki is and how it works to support your body's natural healing mechanisms 

• How to treat yourself and others with Reiki to support healing, health and wellbeing 

• Learn the 1st Shirushi (symbol)- its background, uses and application to Reiki treatments 

• Learn the Reiki Ketsueki Kokan Ho : Reiki Circulation Technique (a full body technique to assist the body's cleansing processes) 

• Traditional concept of Byosen- understanding how to sense areas of tension or toxicity in the body) 

• First aid techniques

$375 (Includes $25 studio fee)

March 23- 1:00pm-7:30pm

March 24- 11:00am-5:30pm

RSVP to OR call 818-853-BORN