Every woman needs strong emotional support during labor and delivery. 



Research shows having a doula present at birth tends to result in shorter labors, reduced need for cesarean sections, epidurals, or other pharmaceutical pain relief. 



Doulas are a source of support and reassurance for the mother, as well as the father, helping everyone to stay present and grounded during childbirth. 



Women who hire doulas report less negative feelings about their childbirth, as well as lower incidence of postpartum depression, making the transition from pregnancy to motherhood fluid and joyful as it should be.

It is never too early or late to interview and hire a doula.
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“To the men out there I can say that I couldn't have been as good of a supporting partner to my wife without Rebecca. She's a real expert and always knew what to do. We were in it all together along with our amazing doctor - the 4 of us...and then amazingly we were 5.” ~Phil Eisen

“Rebecca, Bahia and Dev were incredible, I couldn’t have don it without them. My husband and I were able to stay calm throughout the entire process wit h their help and guidance. I am so blessed and grateful for their services. They are there for you from the time you hire them until after the birth. I would recommend them to anyone looking for support.” ~Rebecca G.

“My magical team of 3 doulas were there to answer questions, guide me and alleviate any concerns I had. The Wellborn Birth Doulas helped me make sure I had everything I needed for the birth and for my baby. Their amazing support during my labor process and birth of my son was unforgettable.” Destinee G.

“The Wellborn Doula Team of Rebecca, Bahia and Dev made my pregnancy, labor and birth so much more loving, warm and wonderful. Coming to their studio for prenatal yoga, comfort measures, Wellborn Way workshop and of course Bahia’s massage made the hard days of pregnancy more bearable. I felt prepared and pampered because of the work they do.” ~Nicole S.