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Which Class Should I Take?

At Wellborn Lifestyles we are aiming to help you create a healthy lifestyle or enhance the healthy lifestyle you already have. Commitment and dedication to YOU has to be the priority to make these changes. We want to help you start by breaking away from labels and levels of classes. We want you to come in and have health, wellness and fitness experience that you don't think you have to fit in to before you even start or try! This is why all of the teachers at Wellborn Lifestyles are well trained, creative, safe, fun, inspiring and enthusiastic about what they do. Each Wellborn Lifestyles instructor knows how to work with injuries, beginners, elderly, pre/postnatal and pretty much anyone with a heart and soul. We want you to walk in to a class that fits your schedule, or go to a teacher you like, or try showing up for any class on our schedule to start your lifestyle enhancement.

With that said, we know that you still need a some information to make your decision. Luckily, our instructors jumped at the chance to tell you, in their own words, a little bit of what you would experience in one of their classes.