Bodywork by Bahia

at Wellborn Lifestyles

Wellborn Lifestyles is proud to partner with Bahia Shortlidge. A passionate learner, Bahia is skilled and certified in massage therapy, Thai Yoga, and Cranio Sacral unwinding, in addition to her work as a yoga instructor. She is recognized and certified by multiple organizations for her expertise and her clients have nothing but great things to say about her.

Types of Sessions


Thai Yoga Therapy

Often referred to as "lazy man's yoga," Thai yoga therapy is a grounding and blissful medley of acupressure, assisted stretching, and passive joint mobilization. With hands, feet, elbows, and knees, the practitioner mindfully uses rocking motions and stretches to create flow and release blockages through the main energy lines (meridians or sen) of the client's body.

During a session you will be comfortably clothed on a special mat on the floor. You will be guided to take deep breaths and encouraged to create an intention of presence and curiosity as you relish in the sensations of Thai Yoga Massage lighting up your whole being!


Craniosacral Unwinding

Craniosacral Unwinding is a light-touch modality that bridges physical and energetic bodywork.  In this modern life we accumulate stress and store it as holding patterns in different parts of the body. Using this technique, stress is discharged from the body and the nervous system is encouraged to move into a parasympathetic state of relaxation (the opposite of fight-or-flight).  From there, the body is able to tap into its innate healing abilities and inner wisdom, allowing you to experience deep energetic resourcing and recharging! 

During a session the practitioner uses palpatory (sensing with the hands) skills to address areas that are ready to be unwound and supported.  As the client is able to relax and let go/go inwards, deep healing begins to take place. The work is subtle yet powerful.  It can provide insights into body/life situations, and is useful in downshifting your nervous system!


Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage is important for preparing a woman’s body for labor, as well as allowing the  mother-to-be to relax deeply and recharge.  During the pregnancy, so much attention is focused on the coming baby– a prenatal massage creates peaceful and intentional space for a woman to connect with her own body, her process, and her emotional life during the transition period of her pregnancy.

During a session you will begin lying on your side, supported by bolsters and pillows for maximum comfort.  You will be undressed and draped, and an organic homemade blend of oil will be lightly applied for a combination of Swedish and deep massage.  Extra care is given to specific pregnancy discomforts (sciatica, carpel tunnel, back and hip pain) as well as nurturing presence so you can relax completely and practice turning inward…the way you will when you are in labor!


"Bahia is a wonderful massage therapist.  I had a really great session with her.  It felt like deep and yet gentle pressure. She really took her time with each area of my body.  Right now I have a broken ankle but I felt completely secure working with her. She never once knocked or banged my ankle and she was really sensitive to my preferences for stronger or softer touch.  Bahia is a true healer."

— Jessica D

“My overall experience was pure ecstasy.  The entire session felt very natural, moving seamlessly.  I felt the level of intensity varied with my needs, and that my specific tight and sore areas were taken care of.  In addition, I felt very comfortable and heard.” 

— Sean K

“It was literally the best massage of my life.  I felt so incredibly relaxed after!  My back felt better, shoulder scar tissue improvement.  It was amazing!!!”  She was awesome and communicated to make sure everything went perfect and felt good.”

       — Ellen W

Pricing Details

Thai Massage: 60 Minutes - $100, 90 Minutes - $150

Cranio-Sacral Therapy: 70 Minutes - $100

Prenatal Massage: 75 Minutes - $125, & 90 Minutes - $150