Things to Do Before You're Due


Life as you know it is about to change. Forever (in a good way!). 

Now is good time to squeeze in some fun activates for you and your partner. So much of the preparation that goes into welcoming a new baby is centered around the birth and learning to care for an infant. We tend to lose a bit of ourselves and our relationships in the final weeks of pregnancy.

Here are 5 ideas to help you prepare for parenthood that have absolutely nothing to do with baby. 

1. Go to the movies 

Going to the movie theater is something I took for granted before having kids.

These days we don’t like to waste our precious babysitter time going to the movies. We are constantly behind on date nights and social events, so casual evenings at the Arclight are sadly on the back burner. I suggest squeezing in as many dinner + movies date nights as you possibly can.

2. Get a massage 

It may sound obvious or maybe even indulgent but it’s more than that — it’s necessary!

During pregnancy our bodies change and grow to accommodate baby. Prenatal massage is not just pampering but also a great way to get our bodies to relax and soften so that we can function properly. Preparing for the sometimes marathon-act of childbirth and the physical demands of having a newborn is no joke — indulge!

3. Go to a concert

Your concert going days might over — at least for a few months with baby’s demanding (and exhausting!) feeding schedule.

Now is a great time to go to a show and have a fun, care free night with your partner. Don’t worry about the loud sounds, baby will enjoy the music and dancing from the womb, so its a win win! 

4. Read a book

One thing I hear from most mamas is that they cannot find the time to read. Once baby arrives your days are jam packed with feeding, changing dirty diapers and getting baby to nap. Finding the time to sit down and read at your leisure can sometimes feel impossible.

Find something that interests you (not a pregnancy/baby related book) and reminds you of your own identity separate from pregnancy and motherhood.


5. Take a spontaneous trip

It doesn’t have to be a big, elaborately planned, babymoon to Hawaii, but I suggest taking an easy weekend trip close to your due date or nearing the end of the 3rd trimester. This is a great opportunity to relax and connect with your partner prior to baby’s arrival.